JOMY is the ideal choice for Fire Escape, Access and Egress !

JOMY® Retractable Ladder

Animated JomyThe JOMY Retractable Ladder is the finest collapsible escape or access ladder available anywhere.

The ladder is evaluated and approved and meets OSHA & ANSI standards. It looks like a drainpipe so it does not interfere with the aesthetics of the building, nor does it invite unauthorized access.

The ladder can go as high as 300 ft. and, when open, is 24-inches wide with a 14-inch wide safety rail.

Best of all, it cannot be opened without the use of a handle preventing unauthorized access.

No other product offers the safety and security of the JOMY Retractable Ladder.  

Mini JOMY® Retractable Ladder

new mini jomyThe Mini-JOMY®  is the ideal access solution for residential and light commercial applications up to 25 feet. With the simple release of latch, the Mini-JOMY® folds out into a 20 1/2" wide ladder with slip-resistant rungs. 

The ladder is burglar proof! It can only be opened with release of the latch. The ladder remains closed when not in use; thus snow and ice cannot accumulate on the rungs. 

The Mini-JOMY meets ICBO & BOCA building codes and is guaranteed to provide a lifetime of maintenance-free operation

JOMY® Counter Balanced Ladder


Ladder can be released from below to provide lockable access to mezzanines or rooftops.

The ladder can also be released from above to provide safe egress from the bottom of existing fire escapes or other applications.

Counter Balanced lead weights are concealed inside the patented side rails of the ladders to provide trouble-free use regardless of snow, ice or salt air.

All aluminum construction with nylon bushings and stainless cables and fasteners provide a life-time of rust-free and maintenance-free service.

Custom heights, widths and OSHA compliant cages are available to suit any requirement.

Counter Balanced Ladder : brick house with balcony


JOMY® Balconies

balcony2 Extremely strong, maintenance-free anodized aluminum construction will support 1,000 lbs. per square meter. Light weight and easy to install. Standard JOMY® Balconies are 38" x 42" with a rail height of 42". Custom sizes are also available. Can be custom painted to blend into any exterior.

JOMY Ladder Accessories

JOMY® provides a line of accessories to be used in addition to the JOMY® Retractable Ladder for special applications. Available are: Spacers to clear wall obstructions, Reinforcement sections for rooftop access, Self-Supporting Mechanism for applications where ground level support is unavailable, Ground level Locking Hub to prevent unauthorized access, and Dual Safety Rail to provide access from both sides of the ladder