JOMY® Counter Balanced Ladder

JOMY® Counter Balanced Ladder


Ladder can be released from below to provide lockable access to mezzanines or rooftops.

The ladder can also be released from above to provide safe egress from the bottom of existing fire escapes or other applications.

Counter Balanced lead weights are concealed inside the patented side rails of the ladders to provide trouble-free use regardless of snow, ice or salt air.

All aluminum construction with nylon bushings and stainless cables and fasteners provide a life-time of rust-free and maintenance-free service.

Custom heights, widths and OSHA compliant cages are available to suit any requirement.

Counter Balanced Ladder : brick house with balcony


Main Features

  • Standard distance between rungs is 11".
  • Rung width can be specified for each individual project. Standard width is 16".Maximum rung width is 24".
  • Rung strength is tested at 650 lbs. per rung. The rated capacity of the ladder is one 250 lb. person every six feet for the entire height of the ladder.
  • Ladder can be ordered with or without a cage.
  • JOMY offers a fall restraint system to be used in conjunction with the ladder.
  • Minimum 3' overlap of ladder sections in the down position required.
  • Factory polyester coating in any RAL color upon request.
  • All ladders are custom built to site specific and meet OSHA and ANSI requirements.
  • All aluminum construction is designed to last the lifetime of the building without any maintenance.

Closed & Open

 Counter Balanced Ladder - Upper PositionCounter Balanced Ladder - down Position

Sample Installation