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Aluminum constructions for your safety
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The JOMY Inc. Company

Your preferred vendor of custom aluminum safety constructions.
Selling worldwide since 1968, JOMY specialises in: emergency egress for public and private buildings, industry access at heights, building access, facade access and industrial structures for interior and exterior. All products are delivered direct from the manufacturer.

To offer you the right solution, JOMY has its own engineering, production and installation crews.

Gathered through the years, JOMY's extensive experience makes it the best professional aluminium constructions engineering and manufacturing company for safety constructions.


JOMY is an independent Belgian company, situated north of Liège, with a steady and healthy growth ever since its creation in 1968.

JOMY Inc. is a privately owned company with more than 8 years of experience in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Offices are located near Denver, Colorado. The ready to ship inventory is located in a warehouse in Indiana.

We are easy to reach and very flexible in searching together for solutions to your problems.

JOMY people are specialists in their field and have loads of experience in the field of fire egress. Within our group of companies we work with 8 full time engineers who are also continually searching for new structures and products. Innovation is the main strategy.

JOMY started in 1968 in a small town in Belgium. The years that followed showed great progress in turnover by exporting and increasing its access and egress product range.

They are very few companies around that have such a long experience in aluminum constructions for your safety.

Operating worldwide

Throughout the years, JOMY has built up an excellent reputation among customers all over the world. This reputation is due to accurate and qualitative procedures and high quality products. We have references in allmost all American States and Canada. For more than 8 years, our office in Denver is at your service and we have a large inventory in a warehouse in Indiana.

Building access
JOMY can make stairs in all kind of forms and they can be suspended or independant. Fire escapes and evacuation stairs are very durable and reliable when made in aluminum by JOMY.
Aluminum constructions for your safety

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