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Aluminum constructions for your safety
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Our approach

From engineering to production and fully functional solutions.
We believe in providing custom constructions at an affordable price by combining our modular solutions with more than 50 years of continuous innovation. We provide an integrated approach, from concept by our 8 engineers to production in our workshop. Our service after completion consists of extensions, modifications or repair work.

JOMY wants to be your preferred vendor for five safety applications:

  • Emergency egress from public or private buildings;
  • Industry access at heights;
  • Building access;
  • Façade access;
  • Industrial architectures for interior and exterior.

Custom constructions at an affordable price

Modular solutions are key to achieve custom constructions at an affordable price. Reusing design, engineering and production methods drastically improves efficiency and reduces the overall cost of your construction. In the past, our approach has proven cost competitive for domestic and international projects.

In the U.S.A.

In the U.S.A. we have a commercial office in Denver, CO, and a large inventory in the state of Illinois. Our inventory is made up from different SKU's that can be combined to almost all demands for retractable, counterbalanced and cage ladders. They are shipped together with handy installation instructions.

In the near future we will add more SKU's so we will have also ready to ship stair - kits in our inventory.

For other products made to your specifications, JOMY INC will work together with the engineering office and factory based in Belgium. And together thay will find the perfect solution!

Please contact our salesoffice in Denver for more details.

Direct from manufacturer

We provide an integrated approach, from conception through development, engineering, and production to installation and maintenance if needed. This enhances accountability and ensures that your solution integrates valuable field experience. Our factory and designers use state of the art techniques.

Our main strength lies in our modular solutions in five product lines. We combine these modular solutions to build custom constructions, while avoiding special purpose development and the associated costs, delays, and risks. Our modular product lines result from continuous development, many national and international projects, and over 40 years of expertise.

Engineering support for custom solutions

JOMY has its own engineerings office in their headquarters in Belgium with highly specialized and skilled certified engineers to provide an integrated approach, from conception to solution.

In our work, every situation is different. Every construction is adapted to the specific requirements of the client. We can usually offer an optimal custom solution by combining our modular solution packages. Sometimes, the project requires a new development, which we then add to our modular solutions. Continuous innovation is our primary strength.

48 hour shipping on standard ladders

Our standard products will ship from one of our offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, or the United States. JOMY will do everything to ship your products in accordance with your requirements. We will meet and exceed your expectations every time you order!

Our warehouse in the U.S.A. is conveniently placed in Illinois and has more then 300 seperate items in inventory.

Our retractable ladders and Counterbalanced ladders in the anodized aluminum appearance are almost all the time in inventory and can ship out very fast.

Our strategic stock of finished products along with standard assembly parts make it possible for us to accept rush orders. Please ask for our special conditions.

The JOMY engineeringsoffice in Belgium near Liege
Our aluminum workshop with stock
shipping against the clock

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