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Industrial catwalk platform in aluminum used on top of a concrete storage tank.

Industrial catwalks in aluminum

  • check Custom-made for access or evacuation in residential or industrial environments.
  • check Hanged or freestanding, fixed or mobile.
  • check Long-lasting lightweight aluminum construction.
  • check Low-maintenance.
Catwalk platform with stairs on tower structure for industrial machine maintenance.

Catwalk and platform with access stairs

Adjustable catwalk platform with stairs used for bus maintenance.

Adjustable catwalk platform for bus maintenance

Suspended aluminum catwalk used inside a factory.

Industrial catwalk suspended to the ceiling

Inclined walkway with guardrails used on a factory roof.

Inclined walkway on a factory roof

Walkway platform attached to the wall and on supporting poles and used for building access alongside the facade.

Walkway platform attached to the facade and on supporting poles

Aluminum walkway on a flat roof and used to walk over a pipe to a metal stair.

Freestanding walkway on a flat roof

Mechanically articulated platform and catwalk used for train maintenance.

Articulated industrial catwalk used for maintenance

Fire escape walkway put a on a flat roof with ballast and leading to an evacuation staircase.

Ballasted walkway on roof for fire escape

Mobile walkway platform with access ladder and mounted on wheels.

Mobile walkway platform mounted on wheels

aluminum bridge walkway platform used for emergency evacuation of an old building.

aluminum bridge walkway platform

aluminum drawbridge walkway used to cross over a production line.

Walkway platform with drawbridge over production line

Maintenance walkway platform on rails used to clean windows on a factory glass roof.

Walkway platforms for building maintenance (BMU)

Angled wheelchair ramp in aluminum for building access.

Angled wheelchair ramp for disabled access

aluminum walkway balcony mounted to the wall for fire escape purposes.

Wall-mounted fire evacuation walkway balcony

Rail-mounted mobile platform used for walking between 2 loading docks.

Mobile walkway platform mounted on rails

Depending on the context, walkways are usually part of a greater installation comprising of many other solutions: ladders, stairs, ship ladders, working platforms, etc.

Our engineering office will customize your walkway platform to meet your needs with:

  • Anti-slip floors:
    • aluminum treadplates,
    • aluminum perforated plates,
    • aluminum or galvanized steel gratings,
    • Rot-proof wood.
  • Hatches.
  • Anodization with a protective surface treatment or with epoxy powder coating in any desired RAL color.
  • Guardrails:
    • BP: tubes parallel to the floor;
    • FU: vertical tubes;
    • Guardrails made to your design and requirements;
    • Fixed, removable, pivoting, etc.
  • Doors and security gates.
  • Security cage and panelling.
  • Fall protection systems (horizontal or vertical lifeline rails, floor protection,...).
  • Standard industrial stairs or counterbalanced stairs.
  • Ladders or ship ladders.
  • Industrial working platform solutions.


Direct shipping of kit from our warehouse in Indiana.


All necessary mounting parts are carefully packaged and listed.


Complete with clear instructions for an easy installation.

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