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Fire escape drop-down ladder with cage used to link a balcony to the ground floor for the evacuation of a public building.

Drop-down fire escape ladder

  • check Connects an evacuation balcony to the floor, with or without a safety cage.
  • check Long-lasting aluminium construction.
  • check Uses counter-weights (counterbalanced) for a soft deployment and easy closing.
  • check Wall-mounted or attached to the balcony.


Burglar resistant


Protected against abuse


Free ground space


A second means of egress landmark

Fire escape drop-down ladders are mainly used as the last part of the landmark that have become typical fire escapes for medium-rise buildings in urban America (although they are also a popular stand-alone option of cage ladders).

They consist of a vertical sliding ladder placed at the bottom of a series of flights of either stairs, ladders, or shipladders - that are connected by access balconies placed at each evacuation level.

Used as a cheaper alternative to counterbalanced stairs when ground space is real estate gold, they are a good solution to prevent unwanted intrusions and to free ground space.

Animated fire escape drop-down ladder with opening options and safety cage.

Safety is found in smart engineering and durable materials

  • Our fire escape ladders are all designed by our own engineering bureau, fabricated in our workshops, sold worldwide and used in many residential and industrial environments;
  • The anodized aluminium profiles we use give our ladders a lifespan of over 30 years without corrosion or decreasing reliability;
  • We offer low-maintenance products that require no yearly painting;
  • Construction is lightweight and thus can be easily installed on all types of materials.
Fire escape drop-down ladder with a cage and showcasing the counterbalanced system used by JOMY for a soft deployement of the bottom sliding ladder.

Fire escape vertical sliding ladder without safety cage and wall-mounted on a brick wall.

Drop-down ladder without cage

Fire escape access balcony in aluminum used for egress to a ladder.

Access balcony / walkway

Drop-down ladder with safety cage and used to link a balcony to the ground floor.

Drop-down ladder with safety cage

Counterbalanced drop-down ladder versions comparison chart.
Clearance 7' 4" 7' 4" 8' 3" 9' 2" 10' 1" 10' 1" 11' 15' 2"
Closed height 7' 5" 10' 2" 11' 1" 12' 9' 6" 13' 10" 14' 9" 10' 3"
Reach height 14' 9" 17' 6" 19' 4" 21' 2" 19' 7" 23' 11" 25' 9" 25' 5"

Counterbalanced drop-down ladder versions comparison chart.
Reference Clearance Closed height Reach height
FLIP-01 7' 4" 7' 5" 14' 9"
SINGLE-01 7' 4" 10' 2" 17' 6"
SINGLE-02 8' 3" 11' 1" 19' 4"
SINGLE-03 9' 2" 12' 21' 2"
MULTI-01 10' 1" 9' 6" 19' 7"
SINGLE-04 10' 1" 13' 10" 23' 11"
SINGLE-05 11' 14' 9" 25' 9"
MULTI-02 15' 2" 10' 3" 25' 5"
  • info Please note that these measurements can be made specific to your own requirements by our engineering department.


Direct shipping of kit from our warehouse in Indiana.


All necessary mounting parts are carefully packaged and listed.


Complete with clear instructions for an easy installation.

Installation instructions

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