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Animation showing multiple heights of JOMY's adjustable mobile work platform.

Height adjustable mobile work platform for the industry

  • check OSHA, EN131-7 and EN ISO 14122 compliant & CE certified.
  • check Fixed 45° or 60° stair angle whatever the height.
  • check Compact design in durable and lightweight anodised aluminium.
  • check Wide range of dimensions readily available.

Work safely anywhere, at heights ranging from 1200 mm (3'11") to 3200 mm (10'6")

Engineered to be easy to move and adjust, our rolling stair and telescopic platform is ideal for aircraft maintenance, production lines, working on heavy equipment and as an access solution for stock management in warehouses.

Our special design increases the safety of workers by providing a fixed stair angle for accessing the platform.

Mobile work platform with height adjustability and 60° stairs.

Stair slope angle: 60°
Useful width: 600 mm (1'12")
Plateform height range: 1800 - 3085 mm (5'11" - 10'1")
Platform length: 700 mm (2'4")

Rolling work platform with adjustable height and a useful width of 700 mm (2'4

Stair slope angle: 45°
Useful width: 600 mm (1'12")
Plateform height range: 800 - 1200 mm (2'7" to 3'11")
Platform length: 700 mm (2'4")

Height adjustable industrial work platform in its highest postion of 3200 mm (10'6

Stair slope angle: 45°
Useful width: 600 mm (1'12")
Plateform height range: 1800 to 3200 mm (5'11" - 10'6")
Platform length: 700 mm (2'4")

Work platform on wheels with height adjustability and a useful width of 1200 mm (3'11

Stair slope angle: 45°
Useful width: 1200 mm (3'11")
Plateform height range: 1800 to 3200 mm (5'11" - 10'6")
Platform length: 700 mm (2'4")

Manual elevating work platform on wheels for the industry.

Stair slope angle: 45°
Useful width: 1200 mm (3'11")
Plateform height range: 1800 to 3200 mm (5'11" - 10'6")
Platform length: 1500 mm (4'11")

Quick set up

Worker positioning height adjustable work platform.

1. Roll to position

Many grab points are available to easily roll the platform on its 4 directional wheels.
A central brake system actionned by a foot pedal allows the mobile work platform to be firmly locked in place.

Details about how to adjust the height of JOMY's adjustable mobile work platform.

2. Adjust working height

  1. Unlock the system using the foot pedal and hold it down;
  2. Use the winch to rise the platform slighly above the desired height;
  3. Release the foot pedal and use the winch to rest the platform on the locking mechanism.

Worker climbing up the stairs of JOMY's height adjustable work platform.

3. Access the platform

The access stairs are available in two inclination angles: 45° or 60°. This angle remains fixed whatever the height.
The steps are anti-slip for increased safety and the guardrails are at a height of 1100 mm, as per industrial standards.

Drawing of JOMY's telescopic height adjustable platform in the low and heigh position both showing a similar stair slope angle.
  • check No change in stair angle.
  • check No repositioning needed.
  • check No cantilevered platform.
  • check No front protruding parts.

Fixed stair angle = Safety by design

We believe that providing safe access systems in the industry is mandatory. This is why we chose to design a solution that keeps a fixed pitch for the staircase slope.
We provide two versions of our work platform - one with stairs angled at 45° and the other at 60°. This for many reasons:

  • Although the pitch of staircase slopes typically varies between 40° and 70° in industrial environments, the most common angles used are 45° and 60°.
  • Since workers and operators are best used to these slopes, our solution is user-friendly by nature, thus increasing the safety by design!

Work platform elevates on its vertical axis only

JOMY's solution permits a "place and forget" approach: our elevation mechanism is designed to move the platform on its vertical axis only, thus eliminating any adjustments of position whilst in operation. Combined with a fixed stair angle, this is a practical advantage over self leveling stair work platforms that rely on a pivoting arm.
This allows our rolling work platform to be ready to use safely in no time, with no repeated forward and back adjustements.

Standards compliant

  • OSHA;
  • EN 131-7;
  • EN ISO 14122;
  • CE certification.

Practical compact design

Very practical, our design allows for an edge-to-edge placement with the base of the structure and the platform vertically aligned at all times and whatever the chosen height.



Stair slope angle 45° 60°
Available platform height ranges 1200 - 2000 mm (3'11" - 6'7")
1400 - 2400 mm (4'7" - 7'10")
1600 - 2800 mm (5'3" - 9'2")
1800 - 3200 mm (5'11" - 10'6")
1543 - 2571 mm (5'1" - 8'5")
1800 - 3085 mm (5'11" - 10'1")
Useful width 600 mm (1'12") to 1200 mm (3'11") 600 mm (1'12")
Platform width 600 mm (1'12") to 1200 mm (3'11") 600 mm (1'12")
Platform length Up to 2110 mm (6'11") depending on the useful width. Max. 2110 mm (6'11")
Platform elevation stages By 200 mm (8") increments. By 257 mm (10") increments.
Configure your product
Weight Dependent on your configuration.
Max. loads According to standards.
Platform elevation mechanism Cable and pulley system activated by manual winch and foot-pedal locking mechanism.
Positionned on the left or the right side of the structure.
Guardrail height 1100 mm (3'7")
Winch Manual hand winch with automatic brake.
150 Kg (330 lbs) max. load.
Material Corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium structure.
Wheels 4 directional wheels - 600 Kg (1300 lbs) static / 300 Kg (661 lbs) dynamic loads.
2 fixed wheels - 500 Kg (1102 lbs) static / 250 Kg (551 lbs) dynamic loads.
Brakes Central braking system activated by a foot pedal.
Options Safety gate placed at the intersection of the two stair flights.*
Painted guardrails (RAL color, polyester powder coating).
Removable guardrails.
Different stair steps (grating / five-bar diamond pattern / perforated).

* Must be installed for standards compliance.

  • info Please note that some of these features can be made specific to your own requirements by our engineering department.
    Contact us for a custom-made solution.


Your height adjustable mobile work platform will delivered at your place ready to use.

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