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Other Solutions

Beside an egress stair and ladder, also other less accepted escape routes like a balcony ladder, descent device, slide, chain ladder,... exist. These solutions for fire escape are only used in a very specific and/or exceptional situations.

There are other solutions available for fire escape that are less accepted. These include balcony ladder, descent device, and chain ladders, among others.

Balcony ladders or "Hatch System"

The balcony ladder is a solution for buildings with overlapping balconies.

A balcony ladder is a specific solution for buildings with overlapping balconies. It can be easily deployed to evacuate from one balcony to the next.

This solution is safe, but relatively slow (floor by floor) and at risk for unauthorized use.

Descent Device

The JOMIRO descent system is an individual emergency escape route, not intended to compete with collective solutions like stairs or ladders, but as an additional safety measure, or as an option when a collective solution is not available.

In Europe, this solution is not generally accepted because of it is individuality. These are still widely used in Japan. The descent device can be a good solution for the residents of old apartment buildings without proper escape routes or individuals in high work stations.

Other solutions for fire escape

The following fire escape solutions exist, but are generally avoided, and not offered by JOMY:

Evacuation slider
  • For daycares with 1 floor
  • Upwards use is impossible
  • Little used
Evacuation sock
  • Very rarely used
  • Found to be unsafe after a dead during demonstrations
Chain ladder
  • Inexpensive
  • Important risk of falling (acrobatic in use)
Safety ladder hatch

Drawing of the balcony ladder

The JOMIRO in action



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