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Our approach

From engineering to production and fully functional solutions.
We believe in providing custom constructions at an affordable price by combining our modular solutions with more than 50 years of continuous innovation. We provide an integrated approach, from concept by our 8 engineers to production in our workshop. Our service after completion consists of extensions, modifications or repair work.

Custom constructions at an affordable price

Modular solutions are key to achieve custom constructions at an affordable price. Reusing design, engineering and production methods improves efficiency and reduces the overall cost of your construction. Over the years, the JOMY approach has proven to be cost competitive for domestic and international projects.

From concept to fully functional solution

We provide an integrated approach, from conception, development, engineering and production to installation and maintenance, if needed. This enhances accountability and ensures that right from the concept stage, your solution integrates valuable field experience. Our factory and designers use state of the art techniques.

Changing the use of a building, from a private residence into a B&B or student flats for example, creates the need to have new evacuation means.

An industrial plant must be regularly inspected or maintained, requiring means of access to heights under safe conditions.

There are many more situations in which you need access to heights or evacuation.  For all these problems, we are the reliable partner you are looking for.

Thanks to the qualified and experienced engineers at JOMY, you can be sure that they will understand your needs and try to come up with out-of-the-box ideas for a design that responds to your quality and safety expectations. In order to ensure the best communication, we keep a close contact with the clients from the design stage to the installation.

Every day, JOMY delivers unique installations that combine aesthetics with functionality and safety.

Continuous innovation

In our work, every situation is different. Every construction is adapted to the specific requirements of our client. Very often, we can offer an optimal custom solution by combining our modular solution packages. Sometimes, the project requires a new development, which we than add to our modular solutions. Continuous innovation is our main strength.

Service after completion

Aluminium constructions generally do not require maintenance. But installations to be used in case of an emergency must also be checked and cleaned up on a regular basis to garantee proper functioning. Often, an accumulation of foreign material is the cause for a malfunctioning mechanism. To ensure that you do not have to worry about this, we offer a professional service that focuses on extensions, modifications or repair works. For this, the modularity and versatility of our constructions are an important advantage.

Engineering support for custom solutions

JOMY has an engineering office in its Belgian headquarters with specialized, professional and certified engineers.

We take pride in our own engineering and in the fact that most of our sales force has an engineering background. At JOMY, we don’t come up with a sales pitch, but with real technical solutions. This is a basic principle of the JOMY business model.

In the Benelux area, our people usually come on the spot to have an accurate view of the situation and to get the correct measurements, using the latest techniques.

The sales people who become Project Directors at JOMY, will monitor your project from A- Z and they are at your disposal to resolve any problems. For each project, the Project Director is assisted by a Project Engineer.

The JOMY engineeringsoffice in Belgium near Liege
Our aluminum workshop with stock
JOMY special development folded stairs

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