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Stair crossover on a factory roof used to cross a wall.

Crossover stairs, ladders and platform

  • check Lightweight construction.
  • check Safety guardrails.
  • check High stability.
  • check Double or single access.

For safe crossing of production lines, industrial installations, roof structures and machine access.

JOMY crossovers are made on demand and are engineered for your special needs. Our strictest norms are applied to ensure the best designs in all industrial conditions. Sturdy guardrails and anti-slip rungs are always provided to ensure safe traveling to and from different sections of production lines, rooftops, etc. They are lightweight and can be used on any surface.

Long lifespan

Thanks to the use of marine grade anodised aluminium, our crossovers will remain rust-free and fully operational in the long term. A good investment all the way!

Crossover stairs used over factory piping systems.

Low maintenance

Except if they have been damaged and since they remain rust-free, JOMY aluminium crossovers don't require much more maintenance than just cleaning. No paint is ever required - another gain over traditional steel constructions.

Step-over stairs on a building roof used to bridge two levels and a wall.

Engineered from proven solutions

A crossover is made of differents parts that are all assembled for a specific purpose. In this regard, it is an assembly of many of our proven solutions which, depending on the situation and needed configuration, can all be combined:

Crossover ladder and walkway used to step over a production line.


This modularity sets our solutions apart and allows us to answer very specific industrial demands that may also require:

Mobile crossover stairs used for the maintenance of trains.
Crossover with parallel stairs on a production line.
Self-supporting crossover stairs used as a bridge in a train maintenance facility.
Crossover platform with guardrails and an


Direct shipping of kit from our factory in Wihogne (BE).


All necessary mounting parts are carefully packaged and listed.


Complete with clear instructions for an easy installation.

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