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Ladder integrated to balcony - Specification guide

The specification guide of the balcony ladders includes more details about the installation and sizes.

Ladder integrated to balcony - Specification guide

1. Materials

  • The telescopic Hatch System Ladders are manufactured of cathodic E/D coated steel (thickness 20µm). This coating process assures high durability in a variety of climates.
  • The telescopic Hatch systems ladders have been tested for water resistance (over 500 hours at 40°C), humidity (over 500 hours at 50° and RH 98%) and salt water spray (over 800 hours (JIS Z 2371 35°C – 5%)).

2. Installation

  • The Hatch System Ladder is composed of a frame and a telescopic ladder. The frame has a top and bottom cover that can be opened. The ladder is fitted inside the frame. This is to be done using the bolts that are already present in the frame.
  • The frame of the Hatch System Ladder is installed directly in the floor of the balcony to reduce the visual impact of the solution. It can be casted directly into a hole or fitted onto a metal structure. It is anchored using lateral angle pieces provided with the ladder.

3. Dimensions

  • Dimensions of the frame are:
    • interior = 60cm x 68cm (1' 12" x 2' 3"),
    • exterior = 65cm x 73cm (2' 2" x 2' 5"),
    • height = 20cm (8").
  • The balcony ladder is available from 5 to 11 rungs, serving heights of 1.7m (5' 10") to 3.7m (12' 0") per ladder.

4. Child Safety Lock

  • The frame of the Hatch System Ladder is equipped with a Child Safety lock in order to reduce the risk of unwanted use of the ladder by children. When opening the frame from the top, a safety lever needs to be pushed in order to unlock the ladder.

5. Usage

  • When the frame is opened the ladder can be unlocked so that it will telescope down until it reaches its full length.
  • Closing is done exclusively from the top. Opening is done by default from the top.
  • (If required, optional) The Hatch System Ladder can be fitted with a double acting opening frame that allows opening from the bottom as well as from the top Stickers showing the correct usage of the balcony ladder are provided together with the system.

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