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Een oplooibare en draagbare ladder: The JOMY STICK ladder

JOMY-Stick portable retractable ladder

Foldable ladder that can be easily stored and transported. Section of only 64 x 48mm when closed. Thanks to this unique combination there is no more lack of space in your crowded emergency vehicles, elevators or wells.

As a portable and foldable ladder, the JOMY Stick folds into a stick with a section of only 64mm x 48mm. It is easily stored and transported.

Easy: The ladder opens easily and with minimal effort.

Light: The ladder weighs less than 1.5 lb/ft or 2.25 Kg/m. It is easily carried within one hand.

Safe: The ladder safely locks in the open position. It is also equipped with anti-slip rubber ends.

Strong: The ladder supports up to 350Kg.

Comfortable: The rungs are 37mm wide with a gently curved upper side and anti-slip grooves.

Durable: The ladder is made of high quality materials. The base material used is an aluminum alloy AlMgSi0,5/F25, anodized 10 micron, natural mat finishing; fasteners and rivets in stainless steel A2-70 DaN/mm²; No protective treatment, painting or maintenance is required, except when exposed to harsh or aggressive environments.

Color: As an option, the exterior parts of the closed ladder can be polyester powder coated in any RAL color.

Standards: Satisfies the EN-131-1 ladder standard.

Mostly used during:

  • Road transportation;
  • Elevator maintenance;
  • Maintenance in wells and pits;
  • Construction sites.

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