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Aluminium constructions for your safety
Different configurations for JOMY fire escape stairs are available.

Fire escape and egress solutions

More than 35 years JOMY is studying and developing new ways to make fire egress easier and safer, and this with worldwide success. Security solutions: the evacuation stairs as the preferred solution, the escape ladder as a substitute solution and other less known egress systems like a descent device or balcony ladders.

For over 50 years, JOMY has been studying and developing new ways to make fire escape plans easier and safer, with worldwide success.

The normal exits, stairways, and elevators are frequently inaccessible in a fire.

This is why we work in close collaboration with our clients and firefighters : to be able to provide innovative and perfectly adapted solutions for every type of configuration.

Often, the only way out is through the windows. However, jumping from a great height is risky, and the firemen with their cranes may not be there as quickly as you need them. When they arrive, they cannot be everywhere at once.

Time is crucial as the flames and smoke are approaching!

Studies show that it takes only 3 minutes to engulf a complete building with smoke and 6 minutes with flames.

So it is crucial that you have access to an escape ladder or stairs reachable directly from your outside windows, doors, roofs or platforms.

Take some time to look around you... how would you get out in an emergency if the normal exit was blocked?

The JOMY retractable ladder

The JOMY retractable ladder is a good solution for fire egress when the normal doors and step can't be used and or installed. It is a good solution for emergency exit, secondary means of egress and access to firefighters in case of a fire.

The original JOMY retractable ladder is the finest retractable escape or access ladder available anywhere. When not in use, it looks like a drainpipe so it does not interfere with the aesthetics of the building. An extra safety rail is also provided. It cannot be opened without the use of a handle, preventing unauthorized access.

The JOMY cage ladder

A cage ladder can be used as a fire escape so you will have a secondary means of egress out of your building.

JOMY Cage ladders or caged ladders are permanent ladders with a safety cage. This JOMY safety cage can be composed of complete hoops, 3/4 hoops or 1/2 hoops.

The counterbalanced emergency ladder with retractable lower ladder-part

The counterbalanced ladder cab be opened from above, from below or from avery place the customer want so abuse is eliminated.

Exterior egress stairs

Stairs are considered as the primary means of egress. They are the most safest way to go from one height towards another height. All JOMY stairs are produced from standard JOMY profiles in anodized aluminium. The JOMY stairs can be installed in different configurations (in line, crossed flights, square flights and a mix of these) and they can be installed self supported or hanging from a wall.

Evacuation stairs with a retractable flight

The burgalar resistance of a stair is an important actual issue, and for this JOMY proposes the retractable flight .

The retractable flight can be openen from a position that the customer wants. The opening can also be connected to an intrusion alarm.

Available escape routes

An overview of all safety solutions for fire emergency is given: the evacuation stairs as the preferred solution, the escape ladder as a substitute solution and other less known egress systems like a descent device or balcony ladders.

The availability of escape routes is crucial for safety in case of a fire.

The Iceberg Phenomenon:

A very limited number of buildings meet the majority of the numerous government and fire department requirements. Moderate regulation is reserved for renovations and certain buildings, like schools. Older buildings, which are barely regulated, are at the greatest risk of a fire and are the poorest regulated and controled. So the need for evacuation routes is much larger then at first sight.

How can we overcome the Iceberg?
  • Increased regulation via spontaneous fire department evaluations. But, many Corps have insufficient resources for this.
  • Comments by prevention consultants. Only applies to a working environment.
  • Suggestions by insurance inspectors. Insurers are often more concerned about property damage than about "human damage".
  • Awareness of residents or users of the building. Do they realize the danger?
  • Awareness among owners of buildings. It can be difficult to balance safety with cost effectiveness.

Adding a New Escape Route to an Existing Building isn't that simple.

Egress stairs are considered to be the safest, best and most widely accepted fire escape route.

A substitute solution for emergency evacuation is the escape ladder. The ladder is a less optimal, but frequently used as a reliable escape route. There are ladders with or without safety cages, retractable ladders, counterbalanced ladders, any many more options.

Some of the less prefered escape routes include balcony ladders, descent devices, and chain ladders. These solutions for fire escape are only used in very specific or exceptional situations and are sometimes even dangerous. Try once to use a chain ladder in a panic situation !?

The JOMY Retractable Fire Escape Ladder is ideally suited for Evacuation in emergency situations and has a lot of outstanding features
evacuation routes
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