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Aluminium constructions for your safety

Retractable stairs

These simple or multi-section stairs retract to a hidden position for optimal use of ground space. Made in lightweight aluminium, they are counterbalanced and thus deploy smoothly to reach the ground in seconds. The best burglar-resistant solution to date.

Multi-section solution for the library of Amsterdam

The library of Amsterdam has a counterbalanced fire escape staircase with a lower flight that consists of multiple parts, which are all counterbalanced. A system with magneto - electronic brakes that regulates the counterbalanced forces is incorporated in the stairs. The stairs fold away completely into the building for aesthetic reasons.

In this way the building meets the safety requirements of a collective evacuation solution on every level without losing attractiveness.

Simple section retractable stairs

JOMY fire escape retractable counterbalanced stairs combine the possibilities of retracting and counterbalancing. JOMY can make easy-to-hide stairs that only show up in an emergency evacuation.

The fire escape retractable counterbalanced stairs lay flat on the rooftop and/or behind a movible façade. In case of an evacuation, the stairs need to be moved forward over the edge.

The fire escape will slide down smoothly because of the counterbalanced weights.

JOMY retractable stairs in a shopping street one
Jomy retractable stairs  two
JOMY retractable stairs three
JOMY retractable stairs four
Counterbalanced stair on the rooftop
Counterbalanced stair on his way out
Counterbalanced stair completly deployed
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